Palisade Sheathing Tape - Retail

PALISADE® ASPHALT FLASHINGBuilder's Flashing Membrane for Protection of Door & Window Openings

Palisade Asphalt Flashing is a self-adhered flashing membrane comprised of a flexible polyethylene (PE) film coated with rubberized asphalt adhesive. The rolls come with an easy-to-remove film release liner.

Key Features

  • Creates a smooth watertight surface around nails, staples and fasteners
  • Meets all AAMA 711-13 requirments, Type A, Level 3 (176°F)
  • Seals around fasteners and nails (ASTM D1970)
  • Water and tear resistance
  • Good adhesion on most surfaces (Use of J-Roller recommended)
  • Excellent elongation and elasticity
  • Up to 4 months exposure
  • Application Temperature Range 40°F to 122°F
  • Service Temperature Range -40°F to 176°F


  • Waterproof flashing membrane used to seal window and door openings
  • Recommend on aluminum, wood, wood clad, fiberglass, vinyl windows and doors
  • Recommend on most house wraps, OSB, exterior gypsum and fibre board
  • All above surfaces have to be dry and clean in order to assure proper contact