Palisade® Premium Building Wrap is a 100% synthetic building wrap and an integral part of the Palisade® Air & Moisture Management System that ensures superior builder and owner satisfaction. It contributes to weather-tightness and provides energy efficiency in buildings for the life of the structure. The building wrap is a non-woven, nonperforated polypropylene fabric that provides the ideal ratio of water resistance vs. moisture vapor transmission to the outside. Thus, it lets the structure breathe while preventing damage due to water infiltration. It does not absorb or retain water.
Sell Sheet PALISADE Building Sell Sheet Warranty

Key Features

  • Superior Materials
    • 100% non-woven polypropylene fabric with breathable coating
  • Superior Performance
    • Engineered to provide superior performance, exceeds the leading competition in strength, water intrusion and moisture vapor transmission and reduces air infiltration
  • Usage
    • For 6 story buildings and under, along with commercial and residential buildings with new retro-fit
  • Energy Savings
    • Reduces outside air infiltration; improves energy efficiency